75th Anniversary of the VE Day Celebrations

Whilst we can’t all celebrate special events the way we would all want to at the moment, it is still the 75th anniversary of VE day on 8th May.
Here are some ideas to commemorate the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of armed forces on 8 May 1945.

The government’s official website – ve-vjday75.gov.uk/get-involved – has lots of downloadable resources, including bunting and posters to colour in, 1940’s style menus and instructions on how to Lindy Hop by way of exercise!

Do also have a look at the Royal British Legion website – https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/get-involved/remembrance/remembrance-events/ve-day-75?seg=WPDW3B which has details of:
• A live VE Day 75 livestream at 11.15am – with national moments of Remembrance and thanksgiving, including a Two Minute Silence
• The Words to We’ll Meet Again (see below)
• A VE Day learning pack for children aged 7-14 years.

As a Village I hope you will join the members of the Parish Council and the British Legion in:-

• Putting out Union Jack bunting and waving flags.
• At 3pm, giving a cheer (or even raising a glass) and checking the skies in case the VE plane with its VE Day banner is coming our way
• At 9pm, leaving your doorsteps and joining in a country-wide rousing rendition of “We’ll Meet Again” (which takes on a whole new resonance in these times).