Formal application submitted for antenna at Ringshall

A planning application has now been made by Clarke Telecom Ltd to Buckinghamshire Council for an antenna and cabinets to replace the existing ones at the junction of Little Gaddesden and the Dagnall to Berkhamsted road at Ringshall. The planning application number is 22/03422/ATN.

Buckinghamshire Council’s letter states that provided the application meets the requirements of the Town and Country Planning
(General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 the applicants can proceed with their proposal if within 8 weeks the Council has not sought further information from the applicant. Please see the letter below from the Council.

Letter from Bucks to Clarke Telecom

The proposal is described as ‘Decommissioning of existing antennas on LP37 and installation of a replacement 15m monopole, supporting 3 no antennas within a shroud, addition of 1 no cabinet together with ancillary development thereto including removal of redundant equipment. Land At Ringshall Road Dagnall Buckinghamshire. Drawings are attached below.

Proposed antenna development

The Parish Council suggest that you may wish to respond direct to Buckinghamshire Council and copy in the LG Parish Council with your comments. Although the application falls within the Parish of Edlesborough, since it is Little Gaddesden’s and Ringshall’s residents who will be impacted the Parish Council will be preparing a full response shortly.