Help to clear the Hudnall fields, Ashridge Business School Entertainment Licence

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A couple of items to cover in this post.

Plastic waste on Hudnall Fields

You may be aware that the fields between Hudnall Lane and the Church and between the Grovells and the Church have suffered badly due to a top dressing by the farmer of material that contained a lot of plastic. The Environment Agency and the Licensing Authority for green waste are looking into the matter, meanwhile we have several fields badly covered in small items of plastic.

Several people have been picking up a little as they pass but we thought that before it gets hidden by the growing vegetation we should pick up what we can, There are two footpaths impacted: the one running from Grovells to the Church and the one running from Hudnall Lane (near the house called Field End) across towards the Church. Much of the plastic has been blown across the field on to the footpaths in the recent winds.

We are asking anyone who can help to join us at the Church car park on Wednesday evenings in June from 7pm to 8pm to do a pick, starting this Wednesday 2nd June. We have some spare litter picking sticks or just wear gloves and handpick but you’ll need a bag to hold what you can pick up.

Ashridge Business School

An application has been received by Dacorum BC from EF Corporate Education Limited in respect of a Premises Licence for Ashridge Business School, Ashridge House

Application for grant of premises licence, EF Corporate Education Limited, Ashridge House, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NS

Please note the plans attached as follows:

‘Indoor’ plan shows all the indoor areas to be licensed but excludes terraces/patios etc – indoor alcohol and entertainment will be for inside the buildings only.  The applicants will be re-labelling the plan to clearly show this.

Ashridge Hult – Plan showing indoor areas to be licensed

‘Outdoor’ plan shows all the areas outside of the buildings for which authorisation is sought.

Ashridge Hult – Outside areas plan

Further details about this application can be found on our website, at

Representations may be made by any person in respect of this application, either:

*   By post, Sally Macdonald, Lead Officer – Licensing, Corporate and Contracted Services

*   By email, to:<>


All representations must be made in writing, and should include the name and address of the person making the representation, together with details of the grounds on which the representation is made. Representations must relate to the effect of the grant of this application on the promotion of the licensing objectives, which are:

*   Prevention of crime and disorder

*   Public safety

*   Prevention of public nuisance

*   Protection of children from harm

Representations must be received by the licensing authority no later than 17th June

Any submissions received outside of these periods cannot be considered. Frivolous, vexatious or irrelevant representations will also be disregarded.

The applicant is required to advertise their application, both at the premises, and in the ‘public notices’ section of a local newspaper. This is to alert persons living in the vicinity of the premises, or with business interests that may be affected by the application, to the application and allow them an opportunity to make representation.

Councillors can make representations in writing and/or at a hearing on behalf of a resident or local business if specifically requested to do so. Additionally, councillors are now able to make representations in their own right if they have concerns about any premises, regardless of whether they live or run a business in the vicinity of those premises. Councillors may also apply for a review of an existing licence if problems at that specific premises which justify intervention are brought to their attention.

If you require any further information on this application, or guidance on the process of making a representation, please contact SA McDonald using the details given below, quoting our reference number M052504.

S A Mcdonald

Lead Officer – Licensing

Corporate and Contracted Services

Dacorum Borough Council

Tel: 01442 228470