Important note regarding Dacorum’s Development Plans





Dacorum Borough Council is in the process of preparing a plan for future development in Dacorum covering the period from now until 2038.  Dacorum has just published the plan and wants to get the views of local residents.

This is a major piece of work which will determine the future housing and infrastructure development in our area for the next twenty years. All Parish and Town Councils and interested societies and groups will make responses to the consultation and individuals are being encouraged to make their own responses. This is your opportunity to say what you think about the plan and influence the way our area is developed.

Dacorum, like all Local Authorities, is under pressure from Central Government to provide a significant number of new houses over the life of the plan.  The main thrust of the Local Plan is Central Government’s requirement to provide nearly 17,000 new houses in Dacorum by 2038. This equates to nearly 1,000 new houses a year. Your Parish Council believes this proposal is based on out of date information, takes no account of the acceleration of change caused by the pandemic and is potentially damaging to Little Gaddesden and the Chilterns AONB

To meet this housing target Dacorum has identified 6 major areas for development, including

  • Hemel Hempstead. Various sites have been proposed including a large. area north of Hemel. Imagine an area to the east of Picotts End running up to the M1. This is all green belt land. (10,688 new houses)
  • On various sites on the west of Berkhamsted largely filling in the land between the A41 and Shootersway. (2,236 new houses)
  • Two main sites, one of which is large area of green belt between the existing town and Tring Station. (2,731 new houses)

These proposed developments will, in aggregate, take 850 hectares of Green Belt. Of course they will require significant additional infrastructure including roads, schools and shopping areas.

A new road is planned around the new proposed site north of Hemel linking the M1 to the Hemel/Leighton Buzzard Road between Hilliers and the Red Lion. This has a potentially damaging effect on traffic in Little Gaddesden and surroundings.

Our concerns

While the plan does not specifically envisage development in Little Gaddesden, and we recognise that additional housing in the UK is required, we are concerned about:

1         The excessive number of houses proposed in the area of Chilterns AONB

2         Loss of 850 hectares of Green Belt land in Dacorum

3         Increase in Dacorum’s population by about 20%. At, conservatively, two people per house an increase of over 30,000 people in a population of about 150,000

4         The threat to Ashridge from excessive recreational use

5         Additional traffic on existing and new roads

6         Effect on water supply and water waste on the fragile Chiltern chalk streams

Have your say

There is an opportunity until 28 February to have your say about these proposals

You will find the Draft Local Plan at the Dacorum link

There is a mass of information here. The Summary Document is a reasonably digestible guide to the proposals.

Little Gaddesden Parish Council has prepared a draft response to the proposals. See attachment below. This has not yet been finalised and needs to be discussed further by the PC before 28 February.

dacorum-local-plan-emerging-strategy-for-growth, LGPC Consultation response Feb 2021


The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) for Hertfordshire has prepared a response, see the attachment below.


Summary of CPRE Key Concerns (F3) – DBC Emerging Growth Strategy Jan2021


We would like as many individuals to respond as possible. Dacorum will take note of comments and the more comments the greater will be their negotiating position with Central Government.   Please add your voice.  Go to—consultation-comments-form.pdf?sfvrsn=520c039e_12

For more information please contact John Saner on