Little Gaddesden Charities

At our last Parish Council meeting held on 20th April (online Zoom to keep people safe) the Reverend John Russell explained about the work of the Little Gaddesden Charities. He said that we don’t know how long the lock down will last and appreciated that people’s worries won’t necessarily go away when the lockdown is over. For many people the impact of COVID 19 will be long lasting. With that in mind he reminded us of the excellent work of The Little Gaddesden Charities: The aim of the charity is to aid anyone in need, hardship or distress within the Parish of Little Gaddesden, by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to redress the need of such people. He assured us that the charity maintains strict confidentiality in all that they do. Do please contact: Reverend John Russell on 01442 214898 to seek support from this charity, and if you see others who might benefit please do encourage them to call.