Objections to Plot 7 Church Road application

Little Gaddesden Parish Council propose to object to the application to develop plot 7 for residential use and a draft of the objection is set out below. The Parish Council would like to encourage objections to the application and suggest that if you agree you write to Dacorum Borough Council setting out your reasons for opposing the development. You may wish to use the information below and from other documents attached and the Parish Council suggests that you submit your objections by 24th February either in writing to:-

Development Management, Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1DN

or online using the Planning Department portal link below.


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Objection to planning application – 20/00176/FUL – Plot 7, Church Road

Little Gaddesden Parish Council would like to object to the above application on the following grounds:

1. There is insufficient information on the application form to be a validated application and upon which to base a valid planning assessment by Little Gaddesden Parish Council. Specifically:
(a) There is no Heritage Statement, required because the proposal is within setting of Grade I listed Church;
(b) The is no mention of the Chiltern Way foot path, running through the land;
(c) There are no details of how to sewage will be accommodated in the absence of a mains sewage to the plot;
(d) There is no Bat Survey, required on all applications in that area;
(e) The land is incorrectly listed as paddock, but is agricultural;
(f) There is no “full tree survey”, a requirement of the application;
(g) We understand that the Mead Trust is still the current owners of the land, and not as stated on the application form.

2. The proposal is in the setting of the Church, a Grade I listed Heritage Asset and would be detrimental to this asset and the setting. In particular it would interrupt the views of the Church from numerous perspectives.

3. The proposal is in the setting of John O’Gaddesden’s House, a Grade II listed Heritage Asset and would be detrimental to the setting. There has always been a clear line of site between John O’Gaddesden’s House and the Church.

4. The proposal is in the Chiltern AONB and would be detrimental to numerous local and national strategies.

5. The Core Strategy of Dacorum, adopted in September 2013, permits no new housing development in Little Gaddesden. This proposal contravenes this policy.

6. The proposed plans interrupt the Chiltern Way, a nationally important footpath. This proposal would be detrimental to the characteristic open aspect of the footpath on this section of the Chiltern AONB as outlined in numerous strategy and planning frameworks.

7. This plot is in the Conservation Area of Little Gaddesden. The Conservation Area designation was placed on this land to protect the open aspect of land in the AONB in the setting of Heritage Assets.

8. The land in this proposal is agricultural land and numerous policies protect this land from development.

In addition to the Parish Council draft objection, residents may wish to view the objection by the Chilterns Conservation board and a letter to residents from Stewart Stanley who lives opposite plot 7.

Objection to Plot 7 by Chilterns Conservation Board

Letter to Little Gaddesden Residents from Stewart Stanley, Church Road