Results of Planning Apps. on Church Road

  1. An application was made for the erection of a house at Plot 7, Church Road. There was an overwhelming number of objections from local residents, Chiltern Conservation Board, Church etc and in the face of so many objections the applicant withdrew the application.

  2. An application was made for changes to fences, adding new fences and creation of new access from Church Road into Plot 17 (plot closest to the Church) and Plot Q (east of and adjacent to Plot 17).

The application was refused in September 2020 and the Officers report is attached.

Plot 17 refusal Sept 2020

The applicant went to appeal and the matter was considered by a Planning Inspector. He refused the appeal. Please see appeal decision below.

Plot 17 Church Road APPEAL DECISION – 3264515

3. An application was made for replacement boundary fencing at Plot 17. There were many objections. The application was refused in January 2021 and the report is attached.

Officers Report Refusal of fencing at Plot 17

Note that subsequently the applicant appealed to the Planning Inspectorate who has now also refused the application.

Plot 17 Church Road APPEAL DECISION – 3264515


4. The occupier of land known as Plots 5&6 and Plots E&F has created an access off Church Road and installed gates, a fence has been partially erected to mark the eastern boundary of Plot 6, some sheds have been erected and a further old dilapidated shed completely rebuilt and substantially extended. All these developments are not permitted under an Article 4 direction that impacts land at Church Road. Enforcement action has been taken by DBC against these particular activities and the occupiers have appealed against the enforcement notice. The appeal has now been considered by the Planning Inspectorate who has upheld the enforcement notices and asked for the buildings and fencing and gates to be removed and the original fencing along the roadside reinstated to match the existing fence. A period of two months is given for this removal and reinstatement work, 8th August latest.

For the detailed appeal document please click on the link below.

Appeal Decision – 3282333 etc

DBC plan now to review the other activities that are taking place on these plots including the occupation of the caravan.

However, first DBC must deal with a Judicial Review of the Appeal decision that has been submitted by the appellants.