Updated layout plan for the Ringshall antenna replacement

Please find in the file below the latest set of plans for the Ringshall antenna.

DAC061 Proposed Plans Rev A

At the moment this is still a pre-application consultation, however we understand that an application will be made to Buckinghamshire Council within the next week. You are welcome to provide feedback on the proposal either through the Parish Council or direct to the applicant or await the actual application. The Parish Council have asked the applicants whether this is a proposed complete replacement for the pole and cabinets that are already sited there and they have advised that the redundant cabinets and existing monopole will be removed once the proposed new monopole is fully operational.

The applicant has been invited to attend the next Parish Meeting but has confirmed that they cannot attend.


The text of an email from the applicants is set out below also.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have been waiting for the proposed drawings which I have now attached for your perusal.

Whilst I understand there has been and will be a number of objections to this proposal when a formal planning application is submitted, ultimately our requirement is borne out of the operator’s need to upgrade the cell coverage within this area to improve mobile connectivity.

As specified in the pre-consultation letters, this an upgrade replacement to an existing site. As such, the proposed replacement must be sited as close to the existing site to replicate the current cell coverage. The radius of which limits the choice of alternative locations.
In terms of the chosen proposed location, as well as the requirement to be sited in close proximity to the existing site, there are various factors that are considered when selecting a new position for the proposed equipment, including inter-departmental consultations between radio planners, designers, engineers, and build consultants. The location and proliferation of underground services, for instance, will further limit the choice of alternative locations.

I hope this helps clears some of the points you raised.

Kind regards,

Mark Rogers | Acquisition Surveyor
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