We are recruiting a new Councillor

The Parish Council is using the process of co-option to identify and select a new Councillor.

What does a Parish Council do?
– Plays a vital, non-political, role in managing village affairs.
– Maintains the public assets around the village, including the village green, playing fields, play facilities and trees in public places.
– Acts as a consultee on planning applications submitted by local residents, as part of the statutory Borough planning process.
– Tenders contracts for a range of local works and services in accordance with its financial rules, e.g. grass cutting, footpath repairs, new play equipment.
– Deals with residents’ concerns about local issues
– Communicates with local government at Borough and County Council level to ensure village concerns are addressed.
– Helps to maintain our status within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

A full team of seven Councillors is needed to do this work and represent views on local matters. The work is not remunerated but is both interesting and rewarding.

Applications are invited for the vacancy. If you are interested, please speak direct to Councillor Paul Kelly, the Chair of the Council (07879 443333) or the Parish Clerk, Alastair Greene (842795). They will explain the application and selection process and the Clerk will issue an application form to candidates. There will be an interview and if more than one candidate applies Councillors will vote. We aim to complete the process as soon as possible.

The closing date for applications is January 18th. The successful applicant would serve from appointment up until May 2023, when the whole Council stands down and there will be fresh elections. So, this is a very good opportunity to try out the role for a couple of years and not the usual full 4 year commitment.