Little Gaddesden valley and woodland

Little Gaddesden Parish Council

Thank you for visiting our Parish Council website.

Little Gaddesden sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Council has as important aims the preservation of the character of our village and the efficient stewardship of the public assets we hold in trust for residents.

For those who are new to the village, the Parish Council meets on the third Monday of each month – in the Village Hall  usually. Members of the public are encouraged  to attend and can speak on issues which are important to them. There is a slot at the beginning of meetings, which start at 7.30pm, for you to air opinions on issues. In between meetings, elected members and the Parish Clerk attend to a range of duties that help keep village governance and services functioning well.

As part of our active communications policy a full and up-to-date record of the Council’s, past and upcoming meetings, minutes, newsletters as well as a photo album of Councillors at work in the community, is maintained by the Parish Clerk on this website. There is also a policing page maintained by the Clerk with useful contacts and information about community policing.

The current Council which was elected for a four year term on May 2, 2019 has seven members who divide up their responsibilities covering environmental, planning, traffic, administrative and policing matters.

You can view a table of how Councillor Responsibilites 2021 are assigned by following the link.