Land At Church Road – Appeal against Enforcement Notice

Information has now been received from Dacorum Borough Council Planning Department on the progress and outcome of the appeals against the Enforcements on the land adjacent to Church Road.

There has been a significant development in Dacorum Borough Council’s approach to the Enforcements.   Please come to the meeting of LGPC on 11 December to find out more.

Consultation deadline in respect of the Enforcements shown below was 17 August 2023

There has been some confusion as a result of a letter sent out from Dacorum about an appeal to an enforcement notice  regarding the Land at Church Road.  This letter was sent to a small number of Little Gaddesden residents, however anyone can make representations direct to the Planning Inspectorate as below.

Please click on each of the links below to see the relevant documents

1. Letter sent to residents from Dacorum

2. Enforcement Notice issues by Dacorum with Map

3. LGPC reply to appeal – 8th Aug 23


The enforcement notice is only against the “Extension to the existing building” and NOT anything to do with the other items listed, such as the caravan, blue lorry and other vehicles.

Further, it is only worth commenting on Ground C and NOT B & D.

If residents wish to reply, they should do so directly to the Planning Inspectorate. The easiest way to do this on the Planning Inspectorates web site, by typing in web address listed on letter or via a Google search.

  1. Search Google for “Planning Inspectorate” or click on this link
  2. “Search for Appeal” …..  3323871
  3. Register
  4. Search for case “3323871”
  5. “Make Representations”…..etc

You can submit a prepared document or type in your objection. Your objection can be one line or an essay.