The Parish Council has a number of policies to ensure that it’s business is conducted in a consistent manner and in accordance with the law. They are set out below for ease of access.

Most policies are reviewed and updated every two years.

Financial Regulations for LGPC April 2020

LGPC – Equality and Diversity Policy – May 2020

Policy on Planning Enforcement May 2020 (signed version)

Planning Consultation Policy (signed)

Policy on making info available to the public 12th Jan 2021

Public participation at Parish Meetings Nov 2021

LGPC Complaints procedure January 2021

Documents retention and security policy May 2018

Standing Orders for LGPC November 2021

LGPC Policy on advertising in the village

Training & Development Policy 2021 (signed)

LGPC Risk Assessment and Management Jan 2021

Local Gov Assoc. Model Councillor Code of Conduct 2020