Church Road update – August 2021

Following activity on plots 5&6 and plots E&F which is not in keeping with the Article 4 Direction, Dacorum Borough Council have taken enforcement action including serving:  

  • a Temporary Stop Notice.   
  • a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN)  – a questionnaire which asks questions in relation to the ownership and use of the land and the caravan.   
  • an Enforcement notice in respect of the access, fencing and sheds. 
  • a stop notice is in relation to the fencing (this takes over from the temporary stop notice when it expires). 

A High Court Injunction has also been served which prevents further development of temporary buildings and other actions incompatible with the Article 4 direction, the punishment for contravention being a fine or imprisonment.

Uncertainty remains over ownership of plots because the Land Registry are still in the process of registering titles to sold plots therefore to ensure maximum visibility to those involved, any Enforcement notices issued are also being posted at various points on the fencing associated with the land in Church Road and on Church Road noticeboards. 

The Parish Council, with the help of residents, continue to monitor the activity and to use the Enforcement Officers at DBC to take the necessary action.    

Villagers who have concerns about any activity in relation to the land in Church Road should contact the Parish Council or Dacorum Borough Council  and should not discuss their concerns with individuals carrying out those activities. 

Update on Church Road land plots

You will be aware that the land fronting Church Road directly, was split into 17 plots running from the plot 1, adjacent to the carpark next to the Bowls Club, to Plot 17 directly opposite the Church.

The land behind Plots 1 to 17 i.e. behind the hedge/tree line was split into plots A to Q. with A being behind plot 1 and  Q being at the Church end.

We received an initial application consultation on Plot 7 for residential development. So many people in the village objected that the application was withdrawn by the applicant before being considered by Dacorum.

We received an application consultation on Plot 17 for replacement fencing and path realignment and a new vehicular access. This was refused by Dacorum. The applicant appealed and the Planning Inspector agreed with Dacorum and also refused to allow replacement fencing to be erected where historically it had been present.

We now have a person in occupation of Plots 5 & 6, keeping some chickens and goats there and taking down the fence on the roadside for access. He says he is the owner of Plots 5 & 6 and Plots E & F (that back onto 5 & 6). He has not shown proof of ownership and we cannot be certain who owns what yet because the Land Registry are still in the process of registering titles to sold plots.

The Parish Council have reported breaches of planning to Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) who are the planning enforcement authority.  DBC will be serving an enforcement notice on the occupant to ensure that breaches do not occur, letting him know what is permitted on the land and what is not.

Once additional plot owners are identified that information will be shared with them. The Parish Council intends to put up a noticeboard in the vicinity of Church Road containing the same information.

The Parish Council with the help of residents are monitoring the activity and will continue to use the Enforcement Officers at DBC to take the necessary action. The Lead Enforcement Officer has already been to site, he was the one who has assisted in protecting the land with the Article 4 Direction and with the Tree Preservation Orders. The Article 4 Direction was imposed as a measure to prevent uses of the land that in normal circumstances are permitted without planning applications. These matters are, creation of a new access, erection of fencing & temporary uses of the land. None of these activities can be carried out on the Church Road plots without approval through a formal planning application due to the imposition of this Article 4 direction.

Planning is a civil matter and the Police will not want to be involved unless there is any criminal activity.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 2nd August and it will held in the Village Hall at 8pm. This matter will be discussed at that meeting.

Parish Council Meeting Monday June 21st at 8pm

Hi All

Our next Parish Meeting will be on Monday 21st June commencing at 8pm

To Join the Zoom Meeting please click on the line below. To avoid disrupting the meeting please join between 7.50 and 8.00pm. This will be a hybrid meeting with Councillors together and residents joining by zoom. We hope that for the next meeting (August 2nd) we can finally get back to all meeting face to face.

Please see agenda and minutes below or access via the Parish Council Minutes and Agenda page of the web site

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lgpc agenda June 2021

lgpc minutes May 2021

lgpc apm May 2021

Little Gaddesden and Ringshall – Road disruption

You may already have seen the highway notices but just to say that there are two areas of road surface dressing planned for sometime between June 9th-11th. The stretch of Hudnall Lane between Hudnall Common and the junction with Nettleden Road and the stretch of B4506 between Ringshall Road and Toms Hill Road. Work will take place between the hours of 9.30am to 4.00pm resulting in delays and road closures.

Help to clear the Hudnall fields, Ashridge Business School Entertainment Licence

Hi All

A couple of items to cover in this post.

Plastic waste on Hudnall Fields

You may be aware that the fields between Hudnall Lane and the Church and between the Grovells and the Church have suffered badly due to a top dressing by the farmer of material that contained a lot of plastic. The Environment Agency and the Licensing Authority for green waste are looking into the matter, meanwhile we have several fields badly covered in small items of plastic.

Several people have been picking up a little as they pass but we thought that before it gets hidden by the growing vegetation we should pick up what we can, There are two footpaths impacted: the one running from Grovells to the Church and the one running from Hudnall Lane (near the house called Field End) across towards the Church. Much of the plastic has been blown across the field on to the footpaths in the recent winds.

We are asking anyone who can help to join us at the Church car park on Wednesday evenings in June from 7pm to 8pm to do a pick, starting this Wednesday 2nd June. We have some spare litter picking sticks or just wear gloves and handpick but you’ll need a bag to hold what you can pick up.

Ashridge Business School

An application has been received by Dacorum BC from EF Corporate Education Limited in respect of a Premises Licence for Ashridge Business School, Ashridge House

Application for grant of premises licence, EF Corporate Education Limited, Ashridge House, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NS

Please note the plans attached as follows:

‘Indoor’ plan shows all the indoor areas to be licensed but excludes terraces/patios etc – indoor alcohol and entertainment will be for inside the buildings only.  The applicants will be re-labelling the plan to clearly show this.

Ashridge Hult – Plan showing indoor areas to be licensed

‘Outdoor’ plan shows all the areas outside of the buildings for which authorisation is sought.

Ashridge Hult – Outside areas plan

Further details about this application can be found on our website, at

Representations may be made by any person in respect of this application, either:

*   By post, Sally Macdonald, Lead Officer – Licensing, Corporate and Contracted Services

*   By email, to:<>


All representations must be made in writing, and should include the name and address of the person making the representation, together with details of the grounds on which the representation is made. Representations must relate to the effect of the grant of this application on the promotion of the licensing objectives, which are:

*   Prevention of crime and disorder

*   Public safety

*   Prevention of public nuisance

*   Protection of children from harm

Representations must be received by the licensing authority no later than 17th June

Any submissions received outside of these periods cannot be considered. Frivolous, vexatious or irrelevant representations will also be disregarded.

The applicant is required to advertise their application, both at the premises, and in the ‘public notices’ section of a local newspaper. This is to alert persons living in the vicinity of the premises, or with business interests that may be affected by the application, to the application and allow them an opportunity to make representation.

Councillors can make representations in writing and/or at a hearing on behalf of a resident or local business if specifically requested to do so. Additionally, councillors are now able to make representations in their own right if they have concerns about any premises, regardless of whether they live or run a business in the vicinity of those premises. Councillors may also apply for a review of an existing licence if problems at that specific premises which justify intervention are brought to their attention.

If you require any further information on this application, or guidance on the process of making a representation, please contact SA McDonald using the details given below, quoting our reference number M052504.

S A Mcdonald

Lead Officer – Licensing

Corporate and Contracted Services

Dacorum Borough Council

Tel: 01442 228470


Parish Council Annual Meeting May 17th at 8pm

You are welcome to attend the Parish Council Annual Meeting which commences at 8pm on May 17th.

Councillors will be meeting up face to face but the public are asked to join on zoom this time. We hope for the June meeting to have everyone face to face depending on guidance at the time.

Please join between 7.50 and 8.00pm to avoid disrupting the meeting

lgpc apm agenda May 2021

lgpc agenda May 2021

lgpc minutes April 2021

To Join Zoom Meeting please click on the line below

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Notes re the Public Meeting to discuss Church Road land issues

Paul Kelly, Chairman of the Parish Council, held a  Public Zoom meeting to discuss the issues around the land at Church Road on Tuesday 4th May at 8pm.

Including Councillors there were 94 people in attendance.

Villagers were concerned about the sale of the land in Church Road into smaller plots and the potential impact once new owners had taken possession.

Paul confirmed that the land is highly protected by Planning laws, it being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, within a conservation area and subject to Article 4 direction even preventing creation of a means of access, erecting new fencing or temporary uses of the land without a planning application.

Residents suggested additional measures that could be taken to monitor the land against any illegal occupation/use and the possible creation of a working group to sit alongside the Parish Council. Next steps to be advised at future meetings, in the meantime as no illegal activity has yet taken place it was agreed that everyone should be vigilant but keep calm and carry on.




Imminent Roadworks in village plus update on the Telefonica Mast

Hi All

Just to warn you of a number of roadworks going on including potential road closures.

Pedley Hill, towards Studham. Today until Friday. Just over the crossroads at the bottom of the hill, heading from Hudnall to Studham, possible road closure, may be dealing with that flood issue, you might need to change your route.

Beacon Road Ringshall, They are dealing with the Phase2 flooding works and at some stage over the next week or so may need to close the road in that vicinity, look out for warning signs.

Ringshall to Berkhamsted Road (B4506) Some surface dressing work may cause delays this week.

Hudnall Lane (between junction with Nettleden Road and Hudnall Common/Grovells junction). Some Surface dressing works. Contractors board says road may be closed 9.30am to 4.00pm 8th – 10th April,  ie. Thursday to Saturday.


Just to advise that the promoter has extended the pre-application consultation period for the mast until 21st April. If you have not already given us your view please do so. Hard copy of proposal is on the notice board at the shop and a digital copy is on the Parish Council web site.

The Parish Council and residents hired a cherry picker last week to see what a 25 metre mast would look like. It was very obvious from a number of sensitive locations in the village. A report is being compiled on this matter at the moment and it will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 19th April.



Telecommunications Mast proposed in Hudnall

Parish Council responses to questions NALC (National Association of Local Councils) are asking in relation to the Governments Telecommunication proposals.

LGPC Response to NALC on Electronic Infrastructure Consultation (002)



Latest news from Telefonica.

The Parish Council have asked Cornerstone for a response to the Parish Objection , the latest reply advises they are awaiting their client’s instructions.


They have reduced their proposed mast from 25 metres height to 20 metres, though still in the same location and have provided a response to our recent set of questions, see both attached.

Responses to questions to Cornerstone asked 23rd March 2021

20 metre proposal

Objection from Little Gaddesden Parish Council

Objection to the proposed base station 19.4.21

Summary Landscape and Visual Assessment to accompany the objection

Summary Landscape and Visual Assessment April 2021 rev 17.4.21



Original item below

Telefonica / O2 are proposing to install a 25 metre high mast at Holly Tree Farm off Hudnall Lane, to fill a gap in the network for Smart meter operation and to provide a mobile phone service. The Parish Council has been sent details of the proposal and we would like your feedback prior to the next Parish Meeting on 15th March.

Please speak to any of the Councillors or email the Clerk on the address below

Details and a Q&A can be found below. The Parish Council will add documents and further information as soon as it is available.

Please note that the consultation period offered to the Parish Council in the letter from the promoter Cornerstone has been extended to 5th April.

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