Green survey results and concern re Fireworks in the village

The Green.
Thanks very much to all those who kindly took part on the survey of the Green maintenance. The vote was 15 for regular cuts and 81 for the Wild Flower approach. The Parish Council will therefore continue with that approach but will endeavour to get the long grass cut and baled earlier than last year.

The driver visibility splays will be maintained in accordance with Hertfordshire County Council standards having a monthly cut 2 metres back from the highway along the whole length of the Green.

Along the full length of the footpath there will be an approximately one metre wide cut to enable people to pass along the path with buggies etc.

It would be great if, as soon as the nesting season permits,  those residents with hedges that over the years have spilled forward could give them a drastic cut back, so that pedestrians can have the full benefit of the surfaced area rather than be forced off the path.

As you know Ashridge Hult often have Fireworks associated with their weddings and I attach a list that has recently been shared with the Parish Council. These may change but we thought it may be helpful for you to know these.

Date.  Firing Time. Duration

Sat 26th March 2022.  21.00  5 minutes
Sat 2nd April 2022.       22.30 4.5 minutes
Fri 15th April 2022        21.50 4.5 minutes
Sun 17th April 2022     21.45 (TBC) 4.5 minutes
Fri 6th May 2022           21.30 4.5 minutes
Sat 14th May 2022       21.45 5-6 minutes
Sat 4th June 2022        21.45 (TBC) 5 minutes
Sun 26th June 2022    10.30 (TBC) 4 minutes
Fri 8th July 2022           TBC 5 minutes
Sat 30th July 2022      21.45 5 minutes
Sun 14th Aug 2022     TBC 6 minutes
Sun 28th Aug 2022     21.00 4 minutes
Fri 9th Sept 2022         21.15 5 minutes
Sat 10th Sept 2022     TBC 4 minutes
Sat 24th Sept 2022     TBC 5 minutes
Fri 7th Oct 2022            TBC 4.5 minutes
Sat 5th Nov 2022         21:30 (TBC) 4.5 minutes
Sat 31st Dec 2022       22.00 4.5 minutes

Although Ashridge certainly have a number of events across the year, so do villagers and the Parish Council does get complaints from time to time about the fireworks frightening pets and wildlife.

Cllr. Fruish has carried out some research on the subject and we would like to share that with you.

The RSPCA have an awareness poster.

For the details please click on the link below

The Parish Council will use some of the RSPCA campaign posters on the notice boards


The Government have information which is powerful.

Fireworks are used by people throughout the year to mark different events, e.g. Bonfire Night, New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali, etc, and at private events such as weddings. While they can bring much enjoyment to some people, they can cause significant injury, problems and fear for other people and animals. The RSPCA therefore supports measures which will help ensure people can enjoy fireworks responsibly while mitigating potentially significant animal welfare problems for pets, horses, farm animals and wildlife.

For more detail please click on the link below


The British Veterinary Association have strong views on fireworks and animal welfare






Queen’s Jubilee plus Parish Council Agenda for Monday

Just to let you know, if you have not already seen posters about it, the Village is putting together a Party for Saturday night, 4th June in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, followed on Sunday 5th June with a wonderful fun  afternoon of activities, all taking place on the Church Road Playing Field.

Saturday 4th June – Village Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
This is an invitation to help us kick off the Jubilee Weekend with a bang!
• Live Music: The Dicemen – bringing post-punk, folk, indie and acoustic back into style
• All you have to do is turn up at the marquee on the Sports Field
• Saturday 4th June 6pm – 11pm
• Delicious Asian Dumplings
• Disco
• Little Gaddesden’s Got Talent: Calling all thespians, singers and musicians. Contact
• Ice Cream Van
• Fish and Chip Van
• Free Entry: Pay Bar and Pay for Food

Sunday 5th June – Village Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Please open the poster below for the details

Poster for the Jubilee

Parish Council Meeting  Monday 16th May at 7.30pm

For May there are two agendas, the first being the Meeting of the Electorate, a short meeting, though it includes the Chairman’s summary of the last year. That is followed by the Annual Parish Meeting where Councillors elect the Chair for the coming year and then continue with the regular business of the day. Please see agendas and draft minutes below

lgpc apm agenda May 2022

lgpc agenda May 2022

lgpc minutes April 2022

Reminder re Consultation on the Green mowing

Hi Everyone

We have had a great response to this consultation, this is just a reminder that if you wished to comment but haven’t yet done so, please do before it closes on Friday at 9am.

The Parish Council promised to consult on the cutting of the Green prior to agreeing this year’s approach with the contractor. We are therefore writing to explain the current strategy and to seek people’s views.

We are consulting because, last year, we received complaints from some residents when, due to bad weather, the contractor was very late in cutting and collecting the hay crop.

Historically the Green was cut for hay once each year. However, from 2008 the Green was cut once a month in the growing season and the grass cuttings were not collected. This resulted in a tidy appearance and an almost complete loss of wild flowers.

A more complex mowing regime for different sections of the Green was then tried. However, since taking advice from HCC Environmental Department in August 2019, we have adopted their recommendations for a simplified regime of less frequent cutting to enhance wildflower diversity and to support pollinator species such as bees. Less frequent mowing has resulted in less noise and lower fuel consumption and, more importantly, a greater number and diversity of both insects and wild flowers. If this regime were to continue, we would be taking positive steps toward better environmental management in a central part of the Village Conservation Area, which is a designated Local Wildlife Site.

Keeping the options as simple as possible, we can either:-

a. Cut the whole Green once a month in the growing season to ensure a neat, managed look, or
b. Continue with the current programme of environmental protection and allowing wild flowers to grow

Please note: Whatever cutting regime is agreed, we will always cut a band all along the main road to provide a visibility splay for drivers leaving the driveways that cross the Green.

We have generally also cut a similar band along and next to the pavement, partly because some hedges have grown forward over the footpath so we have lost the full width of the path, forcing pedestrians and buggy/pram users onto the grass. We would certainly appreciate it if residents could keep their hedges trimmed right back to the boundary, so the tarmac path can be used to its fullest extent.

Although the Parish Council has a long lease of the Green and is responsible for its day to day management, the Council has in the past sought the advice of the ultimate owner, Herts County Council and, for your additional information, that original advice is attached – see especially the section entitled “Grassland Management Recommendations” and the accompanying map showing the location of sections A to I of the Green.

Please respond by email to or by dropping a note to the Parish Clerk, 1 Pond Lane, Hudnall, HP4 1UB by 9am on Friday 13th May so that we can discuss it at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 16th at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.

(We will ask if we can leave a few hard copies at the Village shop for those who cannot receive email or print off easily)

Name (Optional)
Address (Optional)

Please indicate your preference

a. I prefer the green to be cut once a month ………………………….

b. I prefer the current wild flower protection approach …………………

Comments / Suggestions:-

Little Gaddesden Village Green LMS Advice

Little Gaddesden VG cutting regime

Consultation on how we should mow the Green

Hi Everyone

The Parish Council promised to consult on the cutting of the Green prior to agreeing this year’s approach with the contractor. We are therefore writing to explain the current strategy and to seek people’s views.

We are consulting because, last year, we received complaints from some residents when, due to bad weather, the contractor was very late in cutting and collecting the hay crop.
Continue reading “Consultation on how we should mow the Green”

Bridgewater Arms Planning application for camera and signs

At the last Parish Meeting some residents asked that we publicise the Bridgewater Arms planning application details and the Parish Council’s draft response. Villagers may wish to respond to the applications which are:- 22/01036/FUL and 22/01037/ADV

The link to Dacorum’s planning applications portal is below
Simple Search (


1) Britannia Parking Ltd on behalf of Greene King have carried out works to the Bridgewater Arms car park that comprise a camera pylon (yellow collar) with 2 ANPR cameras, 8 signage poles (galvanised steel), with attached signs 0.8m high x 0.6m wide together with 4 protection posts fronting Nettleden Road North and two within the car park; there are in addition two surplus poles

2) No planning application had been made for those works

3) Subsequently Britannia Parking Ltd has made applications on behalf of Greene King to regularise the planning position with the applications showing:-

a) The removal of two car park signage poles and two surplus poles with those remaining to be painted either Green or Black.

b) The 4 protection posts front Nettleden Road together with two within the car park to be painted white.

c) The signage to be altered from the current white on a blue to white on a green.

d) Removal of the anti climbing collar on the camera pole.

4) Some of the changes to what has been built were the product of discussions at the Meeting of the Parish Council with a Greene King representative but although going some way to ameliorating the concerns of Parishioners has not resolved the detrimental impact that the installation, even in their amended form, will have on the village

5) Alternative ways suggested by the Parish of diminishing the impact that the proposal will have on the street scene have not been discussed. Despite repeated requests to both Greene King and via Greene King to Britannia Parking Ltd and to the Planning Consultants to examine ways to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution those requests have been ignored.

6) Little Gaddesden Parish Council recognises the need that Greene King have of ensuring that it is only their costumers that use the car park and  the Council has consistently said that they want the Bridgewater Arms to be a successful business and a contributor to village life.

Little Gaddesden Parish Council objects to the Planning Applications for the following reasons

1) Little Gaddesden is in an A.O.N.B. and as such it is essential that it’s special character and qualities are protected. The works as existing and as proposed do not recognise the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

2) The Bridgewater Car Park is within the Little Gaddesden Conservation Area (L.G.C.A).The proposed works are at odds and compromise the character of the dwellings and ambience within the L.G.C.A and in particular the Bridgewater Arms and 15, 16, & 17 Nettleden Road North (all of which are Grade 2 listed).

3) The Car Park signage is both highly visible and intrusive and creates a street scene totally in conflict with the Conservation Area. Furthermore, it detracts from the views to the Ashridge Estate.

4) Little Gaddesden Parish Council working with Dacorum has prepared a Conservation Area Character Appraisal (C.A.C.A.) which has been approved by Dacorum Borough Council Cabinet in 2022. This document lays down the foundation as to what makes Little Gaddesden what it is. Reference should be made to the said document where it is stated that:

“Signs situated on private property (including house signs) which are visible from public spaces (e.g. highways and footpaths/bridleways) can detract from the public realm and character of the Conservation Area. They should be kept to a minimum and of a traditional scale and style to remain in sympathy with historic environment and with the context of listed buildings within the Conservation Area. Modern Signs should be avoided”.

5) We disagree and therefore object to the conclusion reached in the Heritage statement Planning Policy Considerations – Principle of Development

6) Implementation of the camera system has immediately caused car parking congestion outside the village store. This is because people used to park in the pub car park and walk along for their morning paper.  Although Greene King have advised us that short stay will not result in a fine, there is nothing on the signs that says that, so people are not risking getting a penalty notice. The car parking congestion outside the store is causing great difficulties for cars trying to pass in either direction.

Way forward

Little Gaddesden Parish Council is prepared to review it’s objections on the basis that the following are implemented:-

1) Removal of all the yellow painted posts. The car park warning signs to be reduced to a total of three, with one each side of the carpark and 1 to the rear

2) Extend the picket fence at both sides of the access ways together with white protective posts to the end of the said fences and at the same height as the picket fence .

3)Reduction in the size of the notices and wording to be white on green. All signs and fixings to be of a design and of a material fitting of a Conservation Area​.

4)The road frontage poles (and notices) to be set back so that they do not impact on the street scene of Nettleden Road North. The reverse sides of the signs to be designed to ​complement their Conservation Setting.

5) All poles to be square in cross section and extend flush to the top of the signs. The top of the car park signs to be no higher than the current height of the hedge to the ​south of the car park and the close boarded fence to the north.

6)The Camera Pylon to be square in cross section. Climb bracket removed and the pylon painted black (or a colour to be agreed). The collar currently yellow to be replace with a white collar.

7) No signs to be illuminated

8)The Cameras to come into operation no earlier than 9.30 a.m. The purpose being to allow villagers to call in at the shop, yet avoid rush hour congestion at the road in front of the shop and to allow parents to drop off school children and walk them down to Church Road.

9) Greene King have advised the Parish Council that there is a 15 minute allowance for parking that is a statutory requirement, i.e. parking for a 15 minute period at any time of the day will not lead to a penalty notice. We understand that Green King may be willing to extend that to a 30 minute window and that would certainly provide flexibility that the villagers are looking for.

10) We feel that the non-operation before 9.30am and the free non penalty period of 30 minutes (if Greene King agree) should be stated on the notices for clarity. This however must be achieved without extending the size of the signs which we feel are already excessive.

Making a submission to the Planning Inspector re Church Road

A lot of people have asked how they can make their thoughts known to the Planning Inspector, who will be considering the appeal against the enforcement notices related to Church Road.

Any submissions must be made by 23rd November. On the attached document there are links to the web site so that you can make comments directly online.

The Parish Council will be making its own response shortly but it carries more weight with the Inspector if you make your own comments rather than copying the Parish Council’s.

Notes to Residents re Enforcement Appeals 141121