Making a submission to the Planning Inspector re Church Road

A lot of people have asked how they can make their thoughts known to the Planning Inspector, who will be considering the appeal against the enforcement notices related to Church Road.

Any submissions must be made by 23rd November. On the attached document there are links to the web site so that you can make comments directly online.

The Parish Council will be making its own response shortly but it carries more weight with the Inspector if you make your own comments rather than copying the Parish Council’s.

Notes to Residents re Enforcement Appeals 141121



Consultation in Village Hall on the Conservation Area Character Appraisal. 19th/20th Nov


Dacorum Borough Council is consulting on the draft Character Appraisal for:

  • Little Gaddesden Conservation Area.

This Draft Conservation Area Appraisal forms part of a series of Character Appraisals that are being produced for each of the Borough’s conservation areas. The Draft Appraisal for Little Gaddesden has been produced by Dacorum working in partnership with the Parish Council.

We welcome comments (in respect of both the proposed boundary changes and the overall draft Conservation Area Appraisal) from individuals and organisations by filling in the online questionnaires accompanying the document.

The Draft Character Appraisal, as well as the online questionnaire, will be able to be viewed from the 15th November at:

There will also be an exhibition at the Village Hall in Church Road on  Friday 19 November 4 pm – 7 pm where DBC Officers will be present to answer any questions you may have in relation to the draft Conservation Area Appraisal

On Saturday 20 November 10 am – 12 noon the exhibition will be staffed by LGPC representatives.

Useful contacts at Dacorum B C

Dacorum Borough Council have confirmed that the best way to report some issues to them are as follows:-

For animal welfare concerns and noise nuisance including dog barking please email Environmental Community Protection.

for Anti-social behaviour please email

DBC are reviewing recently submitted anti social behaviour reports and hopefully, if you have not already had a response, you will hear back shortly.

For other useful services provided by Utility companies, Herts CC etc please use the links on the Parish Council web site

Other Services / Utilities | Little Gaddesden (

October update on Speeding and the Conservation Area Character Appraisal

  1. Speeding
    Following the Parish meeting on Monday 18th Oct, Cllr Thompson has updated the interim report on speeding, please find the document below.
    The Report sets out the background to the issue, who has authority in connection with traffic matters, identifies options for traffic calming with pros and cons and identifies next steps to be taken ahead of the meeting in November.
    Interim report on Traffic calming 21st Oct 2021

  2. Conservation Area Character Appraisal (CACA)
    There will be a public consultation on the CACA on Friday November 19th 4pm-7pm in the Village Hall and also on Saturday November 20th 10am -12 noon.
    A Conservation Area Character Appraisal defines, summarises and gives value and significance to the features and elements of special interest within a conservation area. In doing so it will help inform decision-making within the local authority and help them in their duty to formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas.Many people in the village have contributed to the creation of the document, a joint production between Dacorum Borough Council and the Parish Council. Your views on the document would be very much appreciated, please come and have a look and find out more during the consultation days at the Village Hall.



Latest News

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 18th October at 8pm at the Village Hall. Please see links to agenda and draft minutes from September.

lgpc agenda October 2021

lgpc minutes September 2021

We now have confirmation from Dacorum Borough Council that the two Enforcement Notices served by DBC on the occupants/landowners have both been appealed. This means that the decision on the activities in the Notices must be decided by the Planning Inspectorate.

Mike Penning MP has been alerted to this matter and he has asked the Planning Inspectorate to expedite the decision on the grounds of public safety.

The meeting on Monday will also be an opportunity to talk about the speeding through the village and steps that could be taken to reduce it. Your views would be very much appreciated.


Church Road update – August 2021

Following activity on plots 5&6 and plots E&F which is not in keeping with the Article 4 Direction, Dacorum Borough Council have taken enforcement action including serving:  

  • a Temporary Stop Notice.   
  • a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN)  – a questionnaire which asks questions in relation to the ownership and use of the land and the caravan.   
  • an Enforcement notice in respect of the access, fencing and sheds. 
  • a stop notice is in relation to the fencing (this takes over from the temporary stop notice when it expires). 

A High Court Injunction has also been served which prevents further development of temporary buildings and other actions incompatible with the Article 4 direction, the punishment for contravention being a fine or imprisonment.

Uncertainty remains over ownership of plots because the Land Registry are still in the process of registering titles to sold plots therefore to ensure maximum visibility to those involved, any Enforcement notices issued are also being posted at various points on the fencing associated with the land in Church Road and on Church Road noticeboards. 

The Parish Council, with the help of residents, continue to monitor the activity and to use the Enforcement Officers at DBC to take the necessary action.    

Villagers who have concerns about any activity in relation to the land in Church Road should contact the Parish Council or Dacorum Borough Council  and should not discuss their concerns with individuals carrying out those activities. 

Update on Church Road land plots

You will be aware that the land fronting Church Road directly, was split into 17 plots running from the plot 1, adjacent to the carpark next to the Bowls Club, to Plot 17 directly opposite the Church.

The land behind Plots 1 to 17 i.e. behind the hedge/tree line was split into plots A to Q. with A being behind plot 1 and  Q being at the Church end.

We received an initial application consultation on Plot 7 for residential development. So many people in the village objected that the application was withdrawn by the applicant before being considered by Dacorum.

We received an application consultation on Plot 17 for replacement fencing and path realignment and a new vehicular access. This was refused by Dacorum. The applicant appealed and the Planning Inspector agreed with Dacorum and also refused to allow replacement fencing to be erected where historically it had been present.

We now have a person in occupation of Plots 5 & 6, keeping some chickens and goats there and taking down the fence on the roadside for access. He says he is the owner of Plots 5 & 6 and Plots E & F (that back onto 5 & 6). He has not shown proof of ownership and we cannot be certain who owns what yet because the Land Registry are still in the process of registering titles to sold plots.

The Parish Council have reported breaches of planning to Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) who are the planning enforcement authority.  DBC will be serving an enforcement notice on the occupant to ensure that breaches do not occur, letting him know what is permitted on the land and what is not.

Once additional plot owners are identified that information will be shared with them. The Parish Council intends to put up a noticeboard in the vicinity of Church Road containing the same information.

The Parish Council with the help of residents are monitoring the activity and will continue to use the Enforcement Officers at DBC to take the necessary action. The Lead Enforcement Officer has already been to site, he was the one who has assisted in protecting the land with the Article 4 Direction and with the Tree Preservation Orders. The Article 4 Direction was imposed as a measure to prevent uses of the land that in normal circumstances are permitted without planning applications. These matters are, creation of a new access, erection of fencing & temporary uses of the land. None of these activities can be carried out on the Church Road plots without approval through a formal planning application due to the imposition of this Article 4 direction.

Planning is a civil matter and the Police will not want to be involved unless there is any criminal activity.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 2nd August and it will held in the Village Hall at 8pm. This matter will be discussed at that meeting.