Village Green

Ownership and Plan
Little Gaddesden Parish Council has a long lease of the land that forms the Village Green (expires in 2140) and has under that lease the full responsibility for management of the grass and trees.
Plan of The Green, Little Gaddesden

The trees are checked at least every three years by an Arboricultural Consultant, tree maintenance works are then planned to be carried out in accordance with the expert’s recommendations. We will let the grass grow long in a radius around the limes in particular to protect the trees from machinery damage.

The grass is cut by our regular contractor, currently Malcolm Weaver of MW Agri Ltd.

Cutting regime.
Following a survey of residents in May 2022 the residents voted 80 to 15 in favour of a Wild Flower Management regime, which means the grass is allowed to grow longer prior to cutting/drying and baling end of June/July. Monthly cuts resume thereafter.

The Council will ask the contractor to mow the roadside of the Green to a depth of two metres back from the road, to provide sight lines from the accessways along the Green for a safe exit.

The Parish Council is keen to ensure that the full extent of the the tarmac path running along in front of the houses is available to pedestrians particularly those with wheelchairs and buggies and so would like to ask all residents who have gardens bordering the path to keep hedges well cut back and tended. This might necessitate occasionally giving a severe cut back rather than a regular trim.

Under the lease the Parish Council is responsible for ensuring that all byelaws are upheld. See link for Byelaws below.

Village Green Byelaws

The main byelaw that upsets residents is parking overnight which is not allowed under the Byelaws.

Parking on the Green
If there are circumstances when residents are needing to park overnight, perhaps a big birthday party or building works occupying a resident’s usual parking space in their property, then a temporary permission can be sought by emailing the Clerk. Provided that the resident agrees to reinstate any damage done and remove any litter or materials left behind then the Parish Council will usually grant a temporary permission. It is unlikely that permission will be given for any regular parking because to do so would risk a loss of the lease.

Advertisements on the Green
Occasionally adverts are needed either to advertise a Village Event or to give directional signage to a builder. The Parish Council will usually give permission for event signage for just the week before the event. Small boards placed at the northern end of the Green are acceptable, please email the Clerk with your request or ask ahead of time at a Parish Council meeting.