Fireworks – Information

Ashridge House – Notifications received:

Ashridge House inform LGPC when they are having short firework displays as part of their events packages.   Ashridge House inform LGPC that they endeavour to use quieter fireworks to lessen their impact.


12th November at 19:10

25th November at 21:45


31 December 00:00


Local Fireworks:

Many residents complain about the impact that local firework displays (including those displays held by other residents)  have on animals and the distress that fireworks cause.   Some animal owners struggle to keep them safe and calm during firework displays.

Please consider the impact that fireworks can have on wildlife, livestock and pets and do all you can to avoid this.

Dacorum Borough Council have information and news bulletins on their website which includes  public events such as where and when official Firework displays are taking place.  Click here to find out more

The RSPCA provide advice regarding Fireworks and animals.  This can be accessed via their website.