Minutes & Agendas 2020

Parish Council meeting December 21st at 8pm on Zoom

Hi All
We will be running a zoom meeting, rather than a meeting at the Village Hall
To avoid disrupting the meeting please join between 7.50 and 8.00pm

To Join Zoom Meeting please click on the line below

The documents below may be referred to during the meeting

lgpc agenda December 2020

lgpc planning agenda December 2020


Draft minutes for last month shown below

lgpc minutes November 2020



Approved minutes for this year shown below

lgpc minutes October 2020

lgpc minutes September 2020

lgpc minutes August 2020

lgpc minutes June 2020

lgpc minutes May 2020

lgpc minutes April 2020

Please note that there was no March meeting and hence no minutes

lgpc minutes February 2020

lgpc minutes January 2020