Council Members

Please note that Cllr. Sarah Lawson resigned from the Parish Council on November 12th.  The Chairman Paul Kelly has thanked Sarah for all her hard work and the professionalism that she brought to the role.

The first step in seeking a replacement for Sarah is to advertise the vacancy and if 10 electors wish to call for an election then a formal election will be held by Dacorum Borough Council. Unfortunately the earliest date for such an election under the current covid situation would be May 2021, so the Parish Council would have a long gap before filling the post.

If however there is no call for an election within 14 working days, then the Parish Council can use the co-option route of appointing a new Councillor. In that process anyone interested can apply and if there is more than one applicant there is a selection process to be followed. If you are interested in being a Councillor please contact one of the Councillors or the Clerk for information.

Formal election notice
Notice of vacancy and call for election


Lyn Hyde Lyn Hyde
22/23 Little Gaddesden
Hertfordshire HP4 1NU
Tel :   01442 842267
Paul Kelly Paul Kelly
Coach House
The Green
Little Gaddesden HP4 1PH
Mobile:   07879 443333



Kathryn Magson Kathryn Magson
Badgers Wood,
Beacon Road,
Ringshall HP4 1NE
Tel:    01442 842797
Susan Pritchard Susan Pritchard
Deer Hay Cottage,
Ringshall Road,
Berkhamsted HP4 1LT
Tel:   01442 842219
Mobile:  07713 663392
John Saner John Saner
Bury Orchard
Hudnall Common
Tel:   01442 843428
Jim Townsend Jim Townsend
20 Little Gaddesden
Tel:     01442 842421
Alastair Greene Alastair Greene CLERK
1 Pond Lane
Little Gaddesden
Tel:    01442 842795