Finance & Audit 2022-23

This file shows the planned expenditure and Income for the financial  year 2022-23 as at April 2022


Budget Income and Expenditure 2022-23 a


Year End 31 March 2023

Smaller Parish Councils such as Little Gaddesden Parish Council are required to complete Annual Governance and Accountability Returns (AGAR) each year.

The Internal audit took place on 13 April 2023.  The AGAR documentation was formally agreed by LGPC at its meeting on 17 April 2023.  Accordingly, the same approved documentation was submitted to the external auditor for review and formal notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability return was given.     The AGAR documentation is currently under review by the external auditors and is therefore unaudited and may be subject to change following that review.

Please click on the links below for more information about the unaudited AGAR

Explanation Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited AGAR year end 31 March 2023

Notice of Public Rights Unaudited AGAR Year End 31 March 2023

Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2022-23

Section 2 Accounting Statements 2022-23

Annual Internal Audit Report 2022-23