Road Closures in Ashridge; Terry Douris Surgery; Affinity Water Shortage Survey

Road Closures from 20 February

Ashridge have let some residents and the Parish Council know that they are  starting works to repair their road from Monday the 20th of February.  Works will progress over an approximate time of 4 weeks depending on weather conditions.

There will be times when the road is passable and times when it will be closed.  For details as at 17 February 2023, please click on Road Closure


Cllr Terry Douris at Bridgewater Arms – 10:00 to 10:30  am  18 February

Terry Douris, Dacorum and Hertfordshire County Councillor, will be at the Bridgewater Arms from 10.00am to 10.30am should you have any local issues you wish to discuss with him.


Important Survey – Deadline 20 February – Affinity Water Management Resources Plan 

“Affinity have launched a consultation with customers and stakeholders on a draft Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP).  This closes on  20 February 2023.    The aim of the WRMP aims to address a significant future shortfall in water resources in our supply area.” …..

“Without action – the area Affinity Water supplies faces a possible shortfall of 449 million litres a day by 2050.”

To find out more and to participate click here


Your Parish Council and your village needs you.  Click here and here to find out more.